I really get a kick out of this kinda stuff

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at a horror movie

  • bf: are you scared?
  • me: in this economy who wouldn't be

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when u try to caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing ur heart rate with no discernible changes in levels of exhaustion  


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summer is actually the gothest time of the year, because it is the time that we goths suffer the most, which is goth

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i would hire him for this flyer alone


i would hire him for this flyer alone

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waiting for the tumblr video player to load


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i can’t stop laughing he’s like what no climb

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These nightmarish images feel like scenes from a B-movie, but they’re really photos of a powerful traveling art installation by Colombian artist Rafael Gómezbarros entitled Casa Tomada (“Seized House”). Giant ant sculptures swarm across urban exteriors and gallery walls. As if the idea of monstrous ants wasn’t already freaky, these 2-foot-long specimens feature tree branches for legs and segmented bodies made of joined pairs of fiberglass resin skulls and fabric. These hair-raising urban interventions are meant to draw attention to the uprooting, immigration and forced displacement of peasants and migrant workers in Latin America.

"When placed on the facades of government buildings and blank gallery walls alike, the ants give off a chilling sense of foreboding and encroachment. By placing them in swarms, Gómezbarros makes the insects even more strikingly representative of the peasants displaced by war and strife in Gómezbarros’ native Colombia."

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[via Design Taxi and Beautiful/Decay]